SJT DofE Awards Presentation

Last Wednesday evening, DofE students at Sir John Talbot’s School were presented achievement awards by professional adventurer Finn McCann who held the assembled audience captivated with tales of his daring pursuits.

After an opening talk from Louise Morcumb, one of the DofE coordinators at the school, a number of students took to the podium to share their experiences of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, discussing how the training and expeditions were not only fun and exciting, but also how they opened the students up to brand new experiences.

Before Finn presented the students with their awards, he regaled the packed room with inspirational tales of overcoming – or at least attempting to overcome – tough challenges in the great outdoors. From canoeing the Yukon river in his youth to spending several days climbing El Capitan, a sheer rock face 8,000 feet high – and having to camp out on tiny ledges or grab a few minutes sleep while hanging from ropes thousands of feet up when night fell – he shared many examples of how facing challenging experiences in the great outdoors has helped shape his life.

Inspired to go forward and make even more of the countless opportunities afforded to them out in nature, the bronze, silver and gold DofE students received their awards from Finn with pride. After the event, Mrs Morcumb commented, “I am so proud of all of our Duke of Edinburgh’s students. I have seen them grow in confidence and self-esteem simply by being part of this programme”.

The event was also attended by representatives of Whitchurch Round Table, who have sponsored the School’s DofE expedition kit many times over the last five years, and the Higginson Trust, who have been helping individual students with their enrolment fees and who have pledged to contribute towards the enrolment of all SJT DofE students in the future.

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