St Alkmund’s Window Project Unveiled to Public

Students at Sir John Talbot’s School have teamed up with Whitchurch Junior School to produce a Kandinsky-inspired work of art to replace a 19th century stained-glass window. The window at St Alkmund’s Church in Whitchurch has been removed for restoration, and the students’ artwork will take pride of place in the church’s façade for three months in its place.

The epic project saw the children produce 70 individually painted sections across 4 brightly coloured panels, each panel representing a different season. These were later joined together to make one single screen, with the final piece standing more than 15 feet tall. The seasons were chosen as a theme as these are so highly celebrated in the Christian church, and this also gave students a great opportunity to learn about the language of colour, how it is perceived and what it represents.

The project gave the Sir John Talbot’s cohort a chance to not only produce something for the community but also to work alongside and mentor younger pupils. The choice to look to Russian abstract artist Kandinsky for inspiration was primarily down to the artist’s famed love of circles, a shape which is very important in the Christian faith, symbolising unity, inclusion and community. The circle also represents the path the seasons take over time, a fact which seemed to wonderfully compliment the overall theme.

The window was unveiled at a special ceremony at the church during which, along with prayers of dedication, images of the window were displayed before and after the window’s removal. A few days later, SJT’s Bel Canto choir were given the chance to perform in front of the new window at a special spring concert.

Rachael Clarke, an Art Teacher at Sir John Talbot’s, commented: “The students have been very proud of their involvement in this significant artwork. The project illustrates perfectly that Art should not always be hidden away in galleries, but can instead be used to lift the spirits of a whole community.”

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