Battle of the Somme Commemoration

A group of Year 9s at SJT were given the challenge to produce presentations for each of the Year 7 and 8 tutor groups about the Battle of the Somme, looking at what it was, its historical context and why it is still a focus of remembrance to this day. The students were given around 35 minutes to complete this task in groups of 4. Once completed, each group was allocated a tutor group to present to during Academic Mentoring.

All of the students worked with focus and drive, producing some lovely presentations which students and teachers alike were extremely impressed by. One member of staff said of her tutor group, ‘They thought the presentation was really good and, at the end, they gave the Year 9s a round of applause. Some of them had never heard of the Battle of the Somme before, and seemed genuinely quite shocked and appalled. The whole presentation was brilliant.’ Another said her form expected the presentation to be boring but really enjoyed learning about this period of history. They even learnt that some of Sir John Talbot’s former students may have actually died at the Somme.

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