‘Challenging Homophobia’ Talk

A representative from The Proud Trust recently came in to speak with Year 9 students at Sir John Talbot’s School about Challenging Homophobia. The talks, which explored terminology and what exactly is meant by LGBT, got students discussing the subject in great depth, with an overwhelming number finding the session very educational.

SJT is a ‘Safe Space’ for those who are LGBT – a safe and inclusive place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies. The aim of the sessions was to reinforce this principle and to give students a chance to explore their own perceptions of the subject.

The day was a great success, with the collective body of students saying they would be happy to support a friend who was LGBT. Rachel Williams, who ran the session, said that she was really pleased with the response, commenting, “It was fantastic. The response was very positive and the students have clearly thought about the subject. Sir John Talbot’s is a very safe, inclusive environment compared to other schools.”

At the end, the students were all given a card with information about where to access resources should they wish to get further information or visit a support group. The students themselves found they learnt a lot during the course of the discussion, including what is and what isn’t homophobic, and many said they enjoyed the fact they could be open and honest about the subject.

One student commented: “I learned that your gender is what you choose to be and isn’t the same as your sex. A doctor cannot assume your gender when you are born.” Another student added, “I learnt how to appreciate people who are LGBT. I thought it was important, as it’s not a thing people really talk about. It’s good for us to treat those who are LGBT the same as anyone else.”

Challenging Homophobia

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