Famous Author Offers ‘Shelf Help’ Session

A group of Year 9 students from Sir John Talbot’s School have been treated to a Creative Writing Workshop by renowned children’s author Che Golden as part of a new initiative called ‘Shelf Help’. After a discussion about the benefits of creative writing and reading for individuals of all ages along with some background about what it means to be a writer, the students set pen to paper to create their own stories and caricatures.

The workshop took place as part of the Whitchurch launch for Shelf Help, a project which aims to boost the confidence of young people and help them to feel better about themselves through the act of reading. As part of the initiative a selection of books have been specially chosen by young people and health experts which can help youngsters deal with difficult feelings and experiences that could otherwise affect their wellbeing. Packed with information and advice alongside personal stories, the mix of fiction and non-fiction books provide excellent tools to help young individuals better deal with the likes of anxiety, stress and depression as well as experiences such as bullying.

The workshop was a great success, with Che offering not only an insight into creative writing, but also into her own life and how she has channelled her experiences into her work. This helped to show the students how their own experiences can be expressed through writing. Students were given the chance to ask questions about the writing process and got to learn a great deal about how literature can be an extremely positive influence for young people.

In the creative section of the session, students developed some of their own ideas on characters and plotline, using personal experiences and preferences to influence their writing. They then received feedback from Che on how their ideas could be developed further, something which provided great insight for the students as to how their ideas could be appreciated by others and the scale to which their writing can have an impact on those around them.

Their teacher, Nick McIlhatton, who accompanied them during the workshop, commented: “It was a highly education experience that inspired our students to pursue writing for enjoyment outside of the classroom.”

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