Geography Students Get Creative at SJT

Year 7 Geography students at SJT have been getting creative with a project all about Shropshire. Charged with the task of coming up with a word linked to the county for every single letter of the alphabet, the students went away to research everything from historical figures from the county to the products, features and heritage Shropshire is famous for.

While some students opted to create their Shropshire Sampler on paper, others chose to create a collage of words and pictures on canvas. Whatever material and medium they chose though, one thing they all had in common was that they thoroughly enjoyed investigating and researching their own county.

Mrs Louise Morcumb, who led the class, said she was ‘extremely impressed by the excellent quality of work they produced. The students were fantastically creative – especially when it came to coming up with words for tougher letters such as X and Z. Using Z for the noise made by the bees who produce Shropshire’s famous honey was wonderful.”


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