Holocaust Survivor Talk

Year 9 and Year 12 students were very honoured to be able to listen to 93 year old, Holocaust survivor Mr Chaim Henry Ferster speak about the events of his life during the Holocaust. Mr Ferster had been a prisoner in eight different concentration camps during the war . The camps included Auschwitz and Buchenwald, from which he was liberated by US forces in 1945. He survived through a combination of being an engineer and the kindness of others. His job as an engineer allowed him to work inside factories and not in the hard labour area where temperatures could be as low as -25oC. Sometimes others he came across would provide him with scraps of food, which gave him extra strength to cope with the horrendous conditions. . After the war he was reunited with his younger Sister & Cousin who also survivied the camps, and an Uncle who was already living in England. All other members of his family including his parents perished at the hands of the Nazi’s.

Mr Ferster moved to Manchester in 1946 where he has run several businesses including a machine repair service. He was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to Holocaust Education in the New Years Honour’s list last month and is very much looking forward to receiving the award from the Queen.

The year 9 students found the talk very moving and it brought to life the things they had been learning about as part of their Religious Education lessons. They were proud to show him some of the memorials they had designed to commemorate the Holocaust. A number of the sixth form will be travelling to Auschwitz later this month on a school study visit. Mr Ferster’s talk really brought home to them the conditions and horrors faced by Jews during the war.

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