Holocaust Trip Enlightens Students

Fourteen Sixth Form students from Sir John Talbot’s School and The Marches School recently took part in a moving visit to Poland. The students stayed in Krakow during their four-day trip where they learnt all about the history of this beautiful city.

On their second day, the group were given a tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Here, they were given an insight into the true horror of the Holocaust and the enormous scale of death and destruction that occurred during the Second World War.

The final day gave the students an opportunity to discover more about pre-war Jewish life in Krakow and a chance to meet Monika Goldwasser at the Galicia Museum. This incredible woman survived the Holocaust, having been smuggled out of her ghetto in 1941. Her parents, knowing that they had no chance of surviving themselves, saved her life by taking her to a convent in the hope that she would never be traced and found. Monika told the students about how her adoptive Polish mother took her in even though she herself could have been sent to the death camps for helping a Jew. She remained unaware of her Jewish heritage until she was 22 years old when her mother showed her a scrap of paper her birth parents had left that detailed her name, date of birth and parents’ names.

Before heading home, the group visited the Oskar Schindler Museum, housed in the original factory where he saved over 1,000 Jewish men, women and children from the Nazi extermination camps.

The students spoke of how humbling the experience was, calling it a “life-lesson” and one that was “interesting yet sombre”. Year 13 student, Brett Twist, who is Head Boy at Sir John Talbot’s School commented, “The visit to Aucshwitz-Birkenau is certainly something I will never forget. When you stand there and see the scale of the camp, it makes you question the power and actions of humanity. The most important thing I took from it all is the importance of teaching others about the Holocaust to prevent anything like it from ever happening again.”

Monika Goldwasser Monika with Students Auschwitz 2 Auschwitz 1

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