SJT Music Students are ‘Top Brass’

Twelve students from Sir John Talbot’s School spent Thursday taking part in an all-day Brass Workshop that turned them from complete beginners to fully-fledged musicians in just a few hours.

Major Tex Carlton – a former peripatetic music teacher at the school and currently the National Music Executive Officer for the Army Cadet Force – lead the workshop, calling the offer “the best invitation in the world”, and was overwhelmed by the passion of the assembled students.

Major Carlton began the day by teaching the group how to read music, no mean feat given the time restraints. After explaining to them how brass instruments worked and illustrating how different instruments were played, he taught the group how to play musical scales in specific beat patterns, both as a whole group and in sections. From here, the group went on to compose their own tune called ‘Raiders of the Lost School’.

With the exception of three students, none of the group had picked up a brass instrument before and yet, by the end of the day, they were playing for parents and staff in a short live concert. They demonstrated their newfound musical abilities to the proud audience, who were treated to renditions of Raiders of the Lost School, When the Saints Go Marching In and three star solos from the more experienced players. Eddie Lewis performed the theme tune to Eastenders and Daniel Edwards gave a rousing fanfare, before Joe Rutherford finished off with an excerpt from My Heart Will Go On.

With the concert behind them, all of the students were ecstatic about the progress they had made. Major Carlton himself said the day had been “an absolute joy. The students have been exceptional and all have great talent. What they have achieved in five hours is phenomenal.”


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