SJT School of Performance Launches

This term saw the launch of a brand new initiative at Sir John Talbot’s School. The SJT School of Performance is seeking to promote performing arts through the creation of a successful stage school specialising in the three main performing art forms.

This unique stage school is being run on various Sundays throughout the year and during each three hour session, students receive group tuition and coaching in singing, drama and dance, learning valuable stage skills along the way. As well as developing specific performance abilities, the SJT Sch ool of Performance endeavours to encourage excellent communication skills, build self-esteem and promote the benefits of improved co-ordination and fitness.

The SJT School of Performance will make their debut appearance at Sir John Talbot’s Spring Concert on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 at 7pm, and the assembled cast has already begun working towards their summer production of Mamma Mia! As well as the stage school’s debut performance and a showcase for soloists and ensembles, the Spring Concert will also feature performances from Bel Canto (the school chamber choir), the SJT Superchoir and the Rock Club.

Mrs Debbie Peate, who runs the classes, has been delighted with the turn out. She commented, “The stage school has made a fantastic start and currently has nearly 30 members.

Any students who wish to get involved in future sessions, or any parents/carers who wish to help support the process, can find out more information by contacting Mrs Peate on 01948 660656/

SJT School of Performance 1

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