SJT Students Help to Brush Up Primary Pupils’ Science Skills

Twelve pupils from Whitchurch Junior School recently spent half a day at Sir John Talbot’s designing and making their own brands of toothpaste. The ‘Terrific Teeth’ project, organised to celebrate British Science Week, saw the young scientists work alongside Year 8 student leaders from the school to explore the structure of teeth, the arrangement of teeth in different animals and, most importantly, how to make an effective children’s toothpaste.

Working for ‘The Bright Smile Toothpaste Company’, whose MD is none other than Ivor Cavity, the groups designed and created their very own top secret recipe, before coming up with ways to test its effectiveness. Their dental hygiene products had to meet strict criteria, with successful recipes needing to freshen breath, have the right colour and have the ability to stay on the toothbrush. One group mixed up what they called ‘The Ghostbuster Special’, a slimy green treat that was sure to be a hit with youngsters.

After receiving guidance from the SJT students and deciding how to measure the efficacy of their products, the pupils tested their concoctions on white tiles to see whether their toothpastes would remove stains. With their tests complete and their products a raging – if visually-questionable – success, the temporary young employees of The Bright Smile Toothpaste Company wrote up reports about their findings and went back to Whitchurch Junior School with bright white, minty-fresh smiles on their faces.

Science Teacher, Helen Apperley, who helped organised the event for British Science Week, commented, “The pupils were all extremely enthusiastic and talented scientists. They demonstrated high levels of curiosity in science and persisted in the testing and evaluation of their new toothpaste. What a great day!”


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