Student Goes the Extra Mile for Cancer Research

A student from SJT has received praise after swimming the equivalent of the English Channel to raise money for Cancer Research.

Amelia Benbow, a Year 7 student at the school, set herself the goal after her auntie signed up to run the London Marathon for charity last year. Amelia decided that she too wanted to set herself a similar charitable aim, and went about planning the 20.6 mile swim. The challenge, which saw her swim at least one mile every day for four weeks, raised over £370 for the charity.

Amelia spoke of her joy in completing the feat and at having raised such a significant sum for charity. She discussed how determination was key, saying that the more she swam “the easier it got. One day I swam 80 lengths instead of my daily mile.”

Amelia’s tutor, Rachael King, said, “This is a fantastic achievement by Amelia who should be very proud of herself. To dedicate so much time to raising such a great amount of money for charity is a wonderful and very caring thing to do.”

Amelia Benbow

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