Students Become the Teachers at SJT

Two Year 10 students at Sir John Talbot’s School were given a brief promotion this week when they were offered the chance to teach a maths lesson on Cumulative Frequency to their fellow peers.

When their teacher, Katy Cottrell, Director of Mathematics at the school, asked for volunteers to lead the scheduled class, two of her students jumped at the chance to switch their usual seats for the teacher’s chair. With only two days’ notice, students Hannah Smith and Victoria Hopwood set about researching and preparing the lesson in their spare time, a process which took around two hours. After receiving feedback from Mrs Cottrell, the two girls were ready to go, excited but also rather nervous.

The lesson involved PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, exercises and videos, and the two student teachers managed to keep their fellow classmates engaged throughout. By the end, Victoria and Hannah were ready to do it all over again – which is lucky, since Mrs Cottrell seems keen to let them take the helm again in the future.

Victoria commented, “It went really well. Everyone was very respectful. If we asked them to quieten down, they did. I am considering training to be a Maths Teacher, so this has been a great experience.” Meanwhile, her teaching partner Hannah said that, while she wasn’t planning to take up teaching as a career, taking the class had been “extremely fun. Everyone understood the lesson; they got what we were teaching them. I would love to do it again.”

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