Students Represent SJT at Regional Spelling Bee

Three Year 7 students from Sir John Talbot’s represented their school at the West Midlands’ round of the national Foreign Language Spelling Bee, and did both themselves and their teachers proud, competing against 57 others schools from the area.

Designed to improve spelling and vocabulary in modern foreign languages, the competition consists of four separate rounds with this regional leg being the penultimate. On the day, students had one minute to translate and spell as many words as possible in French (using the French alphabet) in front of an audience – quite the challenge!

The competition was incredibly fierce but the girls said they all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and would highly recommend the FLSB to future Year 7s. The students also spoke of how beneficial they felt taking part in the competition would be for them in the long term. Grace Williams, one of the students who took part, said: “”We will have an advantage at GCSE because our spelling will be much better.” Holly Gilbert, another competitor from the school, felt the experience of visiting Aston University was extremely important in itself, having never been inside a university before.

The three students were proud to be the first ever competitors from SJT and are keen to help tutor next year’s competitors and pass on what they have learned.

Spelling Bee

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