Students Take on Diamond Challenge


Students at Sir John Talbot’s are used to Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges testing their skills and resolve, but now a handful of students and ex-students are going to face their toughest DofE challenge yet – a Diamond Challenge.

The DofE Diamond Challenge is a national event that has been organised to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and one that everyone across the country is invited to take part in, no matter what their age. The Challenge, inspired by the DofE Award, asks individuals to take on their own adventure, personal or skill challenge, one that can be as big or as small as they choose, from ‘kayaking the Zambesi to learning to knit’.

To celebrate, two ex-students from SJT have quite literally decided the sky is the limit, and will take part in a parachute jump later this month. Meanwhile, Jessica Furber, a student currently in Year 12, has opted to walk around the three largest lakes in Wales in three days, while Year 9 students Jess Booth and Jessica Shah have chosen to trek up mountains at two opposite ends of the earth – one in Wales (Snowdon) and another in Australia!  And it isn’t just students and former students getting involved either. Roger Sanders and Louise Morcumb, the DofE coordinators at SJT will be walking 84 miles along Hadrian’s Wall to celebrate the anniversary.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a charity that has been dedicated to transforming the lives of young people since 1956. With every challenge they undertake, and each Award they work towards, young people from all walks of life have been given a chance to show just what they can achieve. In fact, in some cases, they are learning about their own potential for the first time along the way.

By taking the DofE Diamond Challenge, the students and teachers at SJT hope to raise money which will in turn give even more young people the stepping stone they need for a brighter and more confident future. Mrs Morcumb commented: “This is a great opportunity for all those who never have had the chance to do DofE themselves to get involved in a challenge and an adventure of their own and raise some money to help disadvantaged youngsters to participate in this excellent scheme.”


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