House System

Sir John Talbot’s School House System

In September 2010, a house system was launched at Sir John Talbot’s School and this, along with vertical tutoring, has proved an excellent tool for encouraging students across all year groups to mix and work more closely together. This is an extremely important element to learning and is another important factor that contributes to students’ all-encompassing education at Sir John Talbot’s School.

Students across Years 7 – 11 are divided into 4 houses, Brown Moss, Blake Mere, Oss Mere and Red Brook – all names local to the school and areas of outstanding beauty. There is an equal mix of year groups in each. Each house hosts 4 tutor groups, within which there are up to 5 members of each year group. This structure has facilitated ‘vertical tutoring’, meaning that students are no longer part of an age specific form group but, instead, students from all years have the opportunity to mix and work together, allowing for collaboration and mentoring to take place.

Here at Sir John Talbot’s School, we strongly believe that houses and vertical tutor groups provide students with an increased sense of belonging. Students remain with the same group right the way through school; as they become older, their roles and responsibilities change and they will find themselves acting as mentors and role models for the younger students. As a caring school, we are always looking for ways to further support and nurture our students and the house system has proved an effective system to further enhance the ‘family’ feeling already so strong at the school.

Each house is assigned a member of staff as Head of House, student House Captains and Deputy House Captains. Their roles and responsibilities are to lead their houses, with the ‘Student Voice’ a valued and respected tool for development. Throughout the year, students take part in a range of activities from sports to festive-themed events, each providing members with the opportunity to win points for their houses. This element of ‘healthy’ competition is essential to a child’s development and all students are encouraged to take part. House points are recorded electronically and at the end of each academic year, the house with the most points is crowned ‘House Champion’.