Whitchurch Juniors Art Week

This week staff and students from Sir John Talbot’s School have worked collaboratively with Whitchurch Junior School to help deliver a variety of South American Design and Technology, Art and Music workshops.

The two day programme provided students with a greater understanding of South American Culture, while they also developed their creativity and practical skills. The project has been extremely beneficial to the Year 11 and Year 12 students who helped deliver the workshops, imparting their knowledge and supporting younger learners. The projects included jewellery making, manufacturing a rain stick using  Textiles Technology, creating carnival headdresses, playing samba percussion instruments and supporting students and staff in making eye of the gods art work. The South American Arts Event is a week long programme arranged by Whitchurch Junior School staff.

SJT feel very privileged to be invited to take part in such a fantastic event and look forward to working together in future projects.

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