Whitchurch Leisure Centre receives £5000 for Everybody Active Everyday project

A government initiative called Everybody Active Everyday meant that up to £30,000 was available for Whitchurch with the aim of getting people in the town to be more physically active; especially those who take part in little or no physical activity. The initiative outlined the message that being more active and targeting a reduction in diabetes, heart disease and weight problems could save lives.

Local groups were invited to submit their projects with a maximum of £5,000 available per project. The community of Whitchurch then decided which projects they felt would be most beneficial by a vote, which took place in the Civic Centre on the 5th and 6th of August.

The result of the voting was announced on Friday 13th August and Whitchurch Leisure Centre’s project came fifth, assuring it the full application amount of £5,000.

The aim of Whitchurch Leisure Centre’s project is to encourage the less active or inactive people, which includes those who are not confident at the prospect of taking part in an activity to busy parents and children. The Leisure Centre will run 12 week casual drop-in sessions to enable individuals to try their hand at a range of low impact activities including walking football, tennis, badminton and table tennis.

John Wallis, Duty Officer at Whitchurch Leisure Centre, commented, “My response is one of delight as we can now offer a mixture of fun activities for all age groups for people to enjoy, as primarily that’s what it’s all about: enjoying taking part and making friends.”

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