Whitchurch LJC Consults With Youth

FOCUS Group SJTMembers of Whitchurch Local Joint Committee (LJC) are carrying out consultations with young people to help confirm the best way to provide youth services in the town from April next year.

Local Shropshire, Town and Parish Councillors with staff from SJT, Centre NE, Beechtree Community Centre and Stonham Foyer are carrying out surveys with young people. As well as the surveys, current youth providers and SJT are organising focus groups which are asking young people three important questions:

1. What is important about having a youth group?
2. What would you like to do at a youth group?
3. Where would you like a youth group to operate?

The answers are currently being collected and, along with survey responses, will be analysed. This analysis will influence the recommendations that LJC members will make on the best way forward to provide youth groups and activities for young people in Whitchurch and the surrounding rural areas.

If you, or a young person you know, would like to complete a survey, please contact the Community Enablement Officer on 079900 85187.

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