Year 5 Maths Event

Sir John Talbot’s prides itself on the close connection it has to the local primary schools in Whitchurch and the surrounding area. From this close connection there comes a regular occurrence of events for hopeful future students such as the recent maths event hosted by Mrs Cottrell and the maths department.

The event was opened to Year 5 students at Whitchurch Junior School and had the children work in groups to create a business prospect, creating a product that would commemorate the Woman’s FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon or the Tour de France. As well as creating a product idea, the children had to build a prototype, buying materials from a shop provided by school and pitch their idea and prototype to a panel of judges. Alongside the shop, there was a bank where children could take out a loan against their business.

The children had to work out how much the prototype cost them to make, how much they would sell it for, the profit they would make and if they borrowed money from the bank how that would impact their profit.

The event challenged not just their maths ability but their also their business initiative, team work, creativity and money management. Skills that are important for them to apply in everyday life.

There were awards given out at the end of the event for things such as best teamwork, most profit made and best sales pitch, with the winners getting a certificate and a maths event medal. The 30 lucky winners will be invited to a University day at Warwick University in September.

The event was a success and was enjoyed by all children who attended, by the teachers who accompanied them and the number of sixth form and year 11 students who volunteered their time to help run the event.

Alexandra Mellor Y11 moving into Y12

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