Biology in Action

Last Friday, a group of our Sixth Form students, accompanied by Mr Goldsmith attended the ‘Biology in Action’ seminar at the University of Salford. They listened to a multitude of speakers, all of which showed some of the potential employment avenues Biology can lead into. Sessions were delivered by renowned scientists and communicators and were very thought provoking. In one seminar the students learned to appreciate their ‘Mammalian-ness’ exploring our unique species. In another, they had a glimpse into the life of a Marine Biologist, discussing what happens to a deceased crocodile. Finally, they observed multiple real life heart operations as they pondered the design of the human heart. It was a fantastic experience for all involved, and has really opened the students’ eyes to some of the cutting-edge Science taking place in the world of Biological Sciences.


Posted by marchesadmin on 29th November 2019, under SJT

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