Captain Tom 100 Challenge

To celebrate Captain Tom Moore’s 101st Birthday today, students have been busy with a number of activities. As an act of remembrance students in 8HW/VE marched 100m. Other activities included decorating bunting with thank you notes to people in the community who have helped them through challenging times. The aim of this was to write 100 notes to be displayed in the Social Dining area until VE Day on 8th May. From today everyone is encouraged to join in Captain Tom 100 and ‘do it your way’; whether this is learning how to count to 100 in a foreign language, writing a 100-word poem, giving 100 compliments, reading for 100 minutes, or bouncing a ball 100 times, raising £100 for charity, absolutely anything at all, inside or outside (in line with current social distancing guidelines, of course!).

Visit the following link to find out more – Captain Tom 100.


Posted by marchesadmin on 30th April 2021, under SJT

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