English revision with a twist

Year 10 students at SJT have been preparing for their GCSE English Literature exams in a variety of ways.

The aim is to find a revision style that suits each individual. These are just a few of the things they have been doing:

  • Each class has been preparing a 5 minute version of an act of Macbeth to share with their peers.
  • Students completed a quotes ‘treasure hunt’ supported by staff from across the school.
  • Students have been given a ten minute task sheetdetailing short, sharp tasks to help them revise.
  • Students are preparing for a ‘quotes grid challenge’ at the end of this half term – there will be prizes for those who are successful.

Resources for all of these activities can be found on TEAMS.


Posted by marchesadmin on 18th March 2020, under SJT

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