At Sir John Talbot’s School, we have built a truly inclusive curriculum where our vision of ‘achievement through caring’ is fundamental in ensuring students are educated in a culture of high aspirations with a ‘no ceiling’ approach.  We have designed our curriculum so that our students are taught to care for themselves and their achievement, care for others and care for their environment. The curriculum is at the heart of our school vision and built upon the foundations of our values: excellence, integrity, empathy, creativity, and equality. This is not only integral to the planning of schema, but also how it is then implemented in our classrooms. Our curriculum promotes high aspiration, enjoyment, and awareness of the ‘real world’ in and out of rural Shropshire. We encourage our students to have awareness of their journey of learning in each subject with MATNAV learning journeys so they can navigate through the curriculum alongside their teachers. We care for our students as unique individuals, and know a truly broad, balanced, and challenging curriculum is how they can emerge as confident communicators who embark on a journey of lifelong learning. Alongside the traditional academic curriculum, we encourage all learners to participate in wider enrichment such our extensive Duke of Edinburgh programme, sports, and performance clubs.


Our carefully sequenced curriculum allows teachers flexibility to adapt classroom practice to the unique individuals in order to maximise the students’ progress. Lessons promote immediate feedback to address misconceptions quickly and allow students to react and improve their work through Make A Difference (MAD) time. Literacy is promoted across all areas of student’s learning with strategies to promote reading every lesson, oracy, and a broadening of terminology through explicit teaching of key subject-specific vocabulary. We support students to achieve academically through a prism of #RealWorldReady which gives explicit careers links within the daily curriculum. Actioning ‘Achievement Through Caring’ means ensuring that students can access lessons outside of the classroom. All lessons can be accessed live through a student’s Teams calendar where they follow the mainstream curriculum’s intent. We are proud to have a specialist Hub accommodated on site. The Hub currently supports students with ASC and SEMH needs. Hub students are encouraged and supported to access learning and social events within the mainstream school whilst having the support of a small, structured learning environment when needed. All Sir John Talbot’s teachers embark on an evidence-informed Action Research Project (ARP) where they continue to develop academic knowledge in a chosen focus area to keep improving outcomes for our young people.

For ease of access, you can explore our subject specific curriculum overview documents by clicking the links below:

Art Curriculum 2023-2024

Careers 2023-2024

Drama Curriculum 2023-2024

Design Technology Curriculum 2023-2024

Digital Enterprise Curriculum 2023-2024

English Curriculum 2023-2024

Extra Curricular

Food and Nutrition 2023-2024

Geography Curriculum 2023-2024

History Curriculum 2023-2024

Maths Curriculum 2023-2024

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Curriculum 2023-2024

Music Curriculum 2023-2024

Photography Curriculum 2023-2024

PSHE Curriculum 2023-2024

Physical Education (PE) Website Curriculum 2023-2024

Religious Education Curriculum 2023-2024

Science Curriculum KS3 2023-2024

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Alternative Provision 2023-2024


Key Stage 3

We believe successful creative lifelong learners participate in a journey of self-discovery – they know how to learn, how to acquire skills and feel safe to take risks with confidence and courage. Literacy and numeracy are integral to our curriculum offer in KS3; however, all students study a broad curriculum which includes Science, Languages, Humanities, Performing Arts, PE, and Creativity. The curriculum is built to ensure students enjoy their learning whilst forming a solid foundation of substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Students have a discreet hour of PSHE each week and follow a form time scheme that regularly adapts to current issues to ensure students are informed and equipped to thrive in the 21st century. Students read every day for 25 minutes. Targeted provision such as specialist literacy is selected to complement rather than replace the mainstream curriculum with targeted intervention.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, all students fulfil the traditional, academic curriculum by studying English, Maths, Science, and a Humanity subject with learners encouraged to study the full EBacc offer. All students undertake an additional R.E GCSE in line with our values of caring about others, their beliefs, and promoting tolerance and global awareness. All students have allocated time to access core PE lessons to encourage good physical health and positive mental wellbeing. Students have a bespoke PSHE curriculum delivered through their form time programme that regularly adapts to current issues to ensure students are informed and equipped to thrive in the 21st century.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, we offer a range of A-level subjects alongside some vocational subjects such as Cambridge Technical Sports Studies. Some students access a hybrid curriculum offer in collaboration with our Trust schools in order to offer a broader choice of subjects. Most students undertake either an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or Core Maths to enrich their core curriculum offer. Careers and work experience form an important part of our KS5 curriculum. Y12 students attend a weekly forum which involves a range of visiting speakers from a variety of organisations including universities and employers. All KS5 students study RE and PSHE as part of a bespoke form time programme and are offered individual support to access the information needed for them to excel in the next stage of their education.

For more information on the Sixth Form, the course offering, support and guidance, and progression. Alternatively, to download an electronic copy of the course guide, please click here.

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