At Sir John Talbot’s School, we devote considerable time and effort, working alongside our primary colleagues, to make the transition from primary to secondary education as smooth as possible. Throughout the year, we have a full transition calendar and this includes a range of sample days, DT Projects, Sports Festivals, Journalist Events, Challenge Days and Taster Sessions, enabling children to experience the school day, make new friends and meet the teachers. The more familiar a child is with their new surroundings, the less likely they are to feel anxious; therefore, our comprehensive and supportive transition programme is designed to facilitate the move from primary to secondary and ensure it is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Primary School Links

Students join Sir John Talbot’s School from a number of different Primary Schools in and around Whitchurch, with an increasing number now travelling across the border to join the school community. The school’s main feeder Primary Schools are:

Bronington Voluntary Aided Primary School –
Lower Heath CE Primary School –
Moreton Say Primary School –
Prees Primary School –
Tilstock CE Primary School and Nursery –
Whitchurch CE Junior School –
Whixall Primary School –

If you would like to apply to send your child to Sir John Talbot’s School, please click here.

We have developed a fantastic page of resources to help you move from Primary School to Sir John Talbot’s School. Please click here to access our information and advice.

Summer School 

Last year we held our very successful Summer School during the week of 23rd August. We welcomed 105 Year 6 (to be Year 7) students over the 5 days which was 76% of the new Year 7 cohort.

Rationale of the Summer School: 

The aim of the programme was to deliver a short Summer School with a blend of academic education and enrichment activities.

Students leaving primary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of Key Stage 2 face-to-face teaching and therefore missed valuable preparation for secondary education. They were likely to need additional support to make it easier for them to access the secondary curriculum. Our Summer School gave an opportunity to offer that face-to-face support before they started at Sir John Talbot’s School.

Our Summer School also offered an important opportunity to support students’ wellbeing.

Programme of lessons: 

We were very keen to incorporate a blended approach to the week which offered both academic, wellbeing and team building activities.

Every day started with a half hour prepared discussion lesson on various different social and emotional topics including:

  • Following instructions and why they are important
  • How to be a good friend
  • Why you may get upset and how to deal with it
  • Being a team, supporting each other

This was followed by 2 academic sessions, subjects included:

  • English
  • MFL
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Music
  • D&T
  • PE

The afternoon session was tailored for students wellbeing and teambuilding, activities included:

  • Teambuilding, getting to know you and ice breakers
  • Paper plane competition – being a team and supporting one another
  • Designing and creating House banners – community and team ethos
  • Junk modelling
  • Alternative sports day

Friday Session  

We were honoured to have the author Eleanor Dixon run a creative writing workshop with all of the students. A competition was held for the most imaginative storyline with two students both winning a signed copy of her book – Cultural Capital.


It is the responsibility of all schools to “develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment.” [Ofsted (2012), Moving English Forward]

We believe that literacy begins with reading. At the heart of our literacy strategy is ‘reading for pleasure’.

Because of the Trust’s investment in reading, it was very important to incorporate this into our daily timetable therefore after lunch the students all read for 20 minutes.

As part of this investment we wanted to ensure that all of the Year 7’s were given a book to read and then keep. These were given out during the first day and students took them home on the Friday, any student who did not attend Summer School was given their copy on their first day.

The event was a great success and highly important for all of our Year 6’s due to the cancellation of the transition days.