We believe that literacy begins with reading. At Sir John Talbot’s School, we have created a nurturing environment to help our students’ reading and writing prosper. At the heart of our literacy strategy is ‘reading for pleasure’. We encourage all our students to read in their own time and to bring their current reading book to school every day. We promote reading through initiatives like our ‘Reading School’ strategy – providing all Year 7 to 9 students with 25 minutes dedicated reading time every day. We help make what students are reading relevant to the real world, enhancing their understanding and perspectives, by talking about the books which they and our teachers are reading.

During the reading time, students take part in focused, independent, reading, or one of our reading support strategies.

More information about these strategies can be found at > Sir John Talbot’s School – Literacy

Accessing books

Our library is at the heart of the school and central to literacy learning at Sir John Talbot’s School. It is an outstanding resource where students can borrow a wide range of reading material that is continuously updated or find a space to work and read.  We welcome requests and suggestions from parents, carers, and our students. 

Here are some of the ‘Good Reads’ you can borrow at Sir John Talbot’s School > Good Reads