Shropshire Music Service Instrumental Lessons

Information regarding Shropshire Music Service:

“Shropshire Music Service is a non-profit-making organisation of professional music teachers who promote music education throughout the county.  The service is funded in part by The Arts Council but the major part of our funding is earned through direct sales of services to parents and schools.

Music tuition is available to pupils at maintained Local Authority schools, academies, free schools and colleges in Shropshire.

Blended Approach  

During the Covid19 pandemic, lessons have been delivered online. We expect to return to face-to-face teaching in the Summer Term. However, some lessons may need to remain online until the school is able to accommodate lessons once again. We cannot guarantee face-to-face tuition at this time, but are working with schools to enable this to happen as soon as possible.

Enrolling for lessons  

To enrol for lessons, parents should read this information and fill in the form below. Payment can then be made via the Shropshire Council online payment system There are 11 lessons during the Summer Term, but the actual number received will depend on the start date. Lessons are given mainly during the school day. Students are expected to attend all instrumental lessons during the teaching weeks. The lesson will usually take place at the same time each week.

Please click here to complete the online form.”

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