Sixth Form Forum: Fire Safety

A big thank you to SJT Assistant Site Manager Mr Robinson, who shared his expertise with our Year 12 students about Fire Safety earlier this week.

Mr Robinson explained his role at the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and talked through various fire safety scenarios with the group. One such scenario, saw him explain that most electrical appliance fires can turn into a full blown fire, with devastating consequences in less than 3 minutes.  Mr Robinson also brought along some of the equipment he uses on duty and explained some of the key apparatus and procedures he follows when tackling a fire. A student volunteer even had the opportunity to try on some of the equipment, before the students watched how quickly Mr Robinson could put on the suit – an impressive 65 seconds!

This was a very useful presentation for the Sixth Formers, with many hoping to attend university in a couple of years, it has brought home that they should be more conscious of their actions when it comes to safety, particularly as many of them will stay away from home in halls of residence.


Posted by marchesadmin on 12th February 2020, under SJT

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