Senior Student Body

Betsy Holmes

I’m extremely proud to have been selected as School President. I intend to make the most of this opportunity and use my position to act as a role model to other students throughout the school. I look forward to planning and organising many exciting events for the Sixth Form and lower school and being a prominent presence within the school. My priorities this year include improving and developing the sixth form facilities and uptake both in year 7 and year 12 as well as creating exciting extra-curricular opportunities. I also look forward to prioritising mental health and developing the mental health services available at Sir John Talbot’s.



Holly Gilbert

I am delighted to be a part of the student leadership team this year and, I look forward to increasing Sir John Talbot’s charity work and involvement in the community. My priorities for this year are to support local charities, make a positive difference and encourage the entire student body to get involved in school events. The team already have some brilliant ideas and, I know that the Sixth Form will do great things this year.




Blake Holmes

I am the head of student integration at Sir John Talbot’s! I strive for excellence in all we do and hope to ensure that all students joining the school and sixth form feel welcome and comfortable. I have a passion for physics and hope to achieve a career in it one day.




Chloe Lloyd

As deputy head for mentoring I wish to ensure that every student in our school community feels supported and comfortable in everything they do – academic, extra curricular or anything else we could help with.