SJT Virtual Sports Week – Sock Olympics


Sports Day is a prominent event on our school calendar which we look forward to every year. Unfortunately due to lockdown we cannot celebrate in the usual way, however we do not want the day to go unmarked and as such the PE Department at SJT have got together and have organised a ‘Virtual Sports Week’ entitled ‘Sock Olympics’.

We really want to encourage all students to participate, not only are the activities fun but this challenge is one of the students final opportunities to earn House Points – their scores could make all the difference! The below slides outline how to take part and explain any requirements needed.



The Virtual Sports Week activity booklet is downloadable – here, you can use this booklet to fill out your results. They must be submitted online by 3:00pm please on your specific day to count.  You will find instructional diagrams in the booklet but a video tutorial of staff demonstrating the activities can also be seen below (also available on Class Charts and on the PE Department’s Instagram page @sjt_pe).

Good luck and have fun!

Posted by marchesadmin on 2nd July 2020, under SJT

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