War On Plastic

A huge congratulations from the Eco-Council Team, on the efforts of our students to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic bottles in school. Last year the Eco-Council, counted the number of plastic bottles found in the school bins for one week. The total was horrifying – 745! That equated to approximately 29,000 bottles a year. In light of this, in partnership with the School Council and Shires Catering, we decided to ban the sale of drinks in plastic bottles, introduce more water stations around the school and encourage students to bring in reusable drinks bottles. During the final week before half term, the Eco-Council had a look in the bins again and we could only find 52 plastic bottles. That is a massive reduction of 93%! It just goes to show that even the smallest changes can have an enormous impact on the environment.

Posted by marchesadmin on 24th October 2019, under SJT

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