Last year students returned to refurbished toilets in the English and Maths block. This investment has improved the quality of the facilities, access, and safeguarding. We relocated our student services to a central location within the school. This also created space for a staff room as suggested by staff in the Staff Voice survey. We created a new Drama Studio that allows much improved space from the previous room. In addition to this the Fitness Suite in the Leisure Centre has been relocated and refurbished.

Our priority this year was to begin refurbishing our classrooms. We have begun with the Maths department which has been uplifted with redecoration and new carpeting.

Facility Hire

We have extensive sports and recreation facilities available for hire at Sir John Talbot’s School, These are available weekdays from 5pm – 10pm and weekends 9am to 12noon.

For further information please contact Howard Prince, Operations Manager: Howard.Prince@sjt.mmat.co.uk

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