Sports Awards 2019

Mr O’Toole, Headteacher, was disappointed not to be in attendance at the ‘Inaugural Sir John Talbot’s Sports Awards’. Ms Dawson, Deputy Headteacher, delivered this message on his behalf:

“Congratulations to all of our students and teams for your outstanding contribution to sport. Sir John Talbot’s School is built on five key values:

Integrity – you turn up when you say you will, you work hard and can be relied upon.

Empathy – in success or defeat you respect one another and congratulate your opponent.

Equality – we encourage everyone to get involved in sport and recognise everyone’s achievements. There is no place for discrimination in sport as in life.

Creativity – success comes through trial and error, practice and review, and through being imaginative with strategy and technique.

And of course, ‘Excellence’ is achieved by people, like all of you who are here tonight, who are driven, committed and determined to push yourselves every day in every way.

Well done to everyone for what you have achieved. It has been a pleasure to witness the achievements through the year. Your collective achievements are remarkable and help put Sir John Talbot’s and Whitchurch on the map. Keep working hard, stay motivated even in defeat, learn from every game and every challenge and strive to be even better next time.”

Students were also asked to applaud the staff and parents/carers for their dedication and commitment for supporting them in their events and fixtures.

Mr Brown, Head of PE, introduced the new county and school colour ties which students are proud to be wearing and hopes the event will inspire more students to take part in extra-curricular sport and drive up standards for the future. He said “the night was a success.”

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