A Levels – 2023

Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form celebrate team effort on results day

Today marks a momentous occasion at Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form as it celebrates not only remarkable academic achievements but also its steadfast commitment to inclusivity and diversity. On this A-Level results day, students and staff alike are basking in the glory of success, reflecting the school’s dedication to nurturing talents across the spectrum.

Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form has long been an emblem of academic excellence, and this year’s results have once again underscored its unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where every student thrives. The students have achieved outstanding results across a wide array of subjects, a testament to the exceptional teaching and unwavering support provided by the staff.

More notably, these results signify the triumph of inclusivity. Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form prides itself on embracing diversity and creating an atmosphere that enables every student to flourish, regardless of background, ability, or circumstances. This inclusivity is not just a buzzword, but a cornerstone of the Sixth Form’s ethos, and the remarkable results achieved by the students exemplify the power of a truly diverse and supportive learning community.

Headteacher, Tim Stonall expressed immense pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “Today, we celebrate more than just academic achievements; we celebrate the spirit of togetherness, of collaboration, and of lifting each other up. Our students have demonstrated that with the right environment and determination, anything is possible. These achievements are testament to the hard work of our students, the dedication of our teachers, and the nurturing atmosphere that defines Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form.”

The success stories from this A-Level results day speak volumes about the school’s holistic approach to education. By fostering an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and support, Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form has unlocked the potential within each student, regardless of their background or abilities.

As we celebrate this year’s exceptional A-Level results, it is also a time to reaffirm the school’s commitment to providing an empowering education for all. The successes achieved today are a harbinger of even greater accomplishments in the future, reflecting the Sixth Form’s dedication to excellence and inclusivity.

Applications for Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form are still open for September 2023 start and details can be found on the website sirjohntalbots.co.uk.

Notable achievements:

Andrew Cundiff – A* A A A

Atlanta Hilton – A B B

Katie Thomas – A B B

Matha Williams – A B C

Shaz Zaman – A B C C (core maths)

Sky Mans – B B C C C (core maths)

Callum Littlehales – B C C C


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