Academy Trust Supports Students Ahead of Pending GCSE Exams

90 Year 11 pupils from Sir John Talbot’s School, Whitchurch and The Marches School, Oswestry recently collaborated for a day to participate in a series of workshops and talks in preparation for their upcoming GCSE examinations.

Workshops were delivered by a former GCSE examiner and teaching staff from across the Trust, and included developing skills and understanding of narrative writing and language.

The day allowed students the opportunity, away from their traditional classrooms, to listen to a variety of teachers and share different ideas.

Students commented on how useful they found the day and combined their enthusiasm with team work. Wider friendships were formed between students from across both schools and sharing of experiences.

Michael Kemble, Head of Year 11 at the Marches School, added: “It was a pleasure to see both schools from the trust working together during the day. The atmosphere throughout the day was electric and enthusiastic staff and pupils engaged in English-related conversation, questioning ideas, empowering pupils with knowledge and building lasting relationships across the Trust”.


Posted by marchesadmin on 4th March 2018, under SJT

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