Marches Academy Trust supports Year 13 students with next steps

The Marches Academy Trust is supporting Year 13 students in all their Sixth Forms across the Trust with the next steps following the Government change in exam grading. Ofqual announced yesterday that students in England would be able to keep whichever grade is higher between the centre assessed grade or the one they received following the standardisation process, meaning some students will stick with their original grade whereas others may see their grade increased. The students have shown resilience, spirit and character in very testing and what can feel like uncertain times.

Going forward this experience has shown to us that teacher assessments in our setting are reliable and an accurate reflection of a child’s ability; the Trust will work with the Department for Education and Ofqual to ensure their students are fairly rewarded.

Staff will be working with students and parents at all Sixth Forms within the Trust on their individual pathways for their futures. Officials have said exam boards will issue new grades to students in England as soon as possible, though they were unable to put a firm date on it.

The Trust is advising students to make contact with their Sixth Form to obtain their revised grade. Ofqual will send updated data to Ucas before the end of the week.

Sarah Finch, CEO commented, “As a Trust, we saw about 30% of grades lower than the centre assessed grade we submitted so we will work with our students and Ofqual to ensure these students receive the grade they deserve. We are extremely proud of our students and staff who have shown great fortitude and positivity in the face of uncertainty. Staff are working tirelessly in order to support students with their next steps ensuring they receive the help they need to obtain the correct grade and pursue the pathway they wanted to follow.

As a learning community we have stood strong and unflinching in this crisis and we will continue to support our young people because they deserve all the help we can give them. I know they all have wonderful futures ahead of them as they have the resilience and character to shoulder any storm.’

Applications for our Sixth Forms are still open for a September 2020 start and details can be found on each school’s website.


Posted by marchesadmin on 18th August 2020, under SJT

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